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Barracuda Super Burs

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#8 Round #37 Inverted Cone #702 Tapered Fissure #1558 Cylinder
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These solid carbide barracuda super burs are one-piece construction significantly reduces brazed, welded or soldered joint breakage at the head or neck. These are the fastest cutting carbide burs you can get. They are faster cutting, longer lasting and have true concentricity. These ultimate gross reduction burs are truly amazing, but abusing them can caused damage to your turbine.

  • Special blade geometry featuring fine cross-cuts and unique neck design produce a bur that cuts quickly
  • Cut soft metal with reduced chatter, breakage and improved control
  • Reduced grabbing, stalling and breaking while cutting through tough material

*Each bur is sold individually.


Specifications for "Barracuda Super Burs"
Model Shape Tip Dia. Len. Cut Shank
#8 Round Round 2.3mm 2.3mm Cross-Cut Short
#37 Inverted Cone Flat 1.4mm 1.4mm Cross-Cut Short
#702 Tapered Fissure Flat 1.6mm 4.4mm Cross-Cut Short
#1558 Cylinder Round 1.2mm 4.2mm Cross-Cut Short