Carbide Needle, Taper, Egg - 12 Blades!

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Carbide Needle Point and Egg Burs are used for ultra-fine detailing and scrimshaw. Great for ultra-fine detail in smooth metal, glass, or softer materials. Tip size is 0.025mm or .001" (about the size of human hair).

Specifications for "Carbid Needle Point Burs"
Model Shape Base Dia. Len. Cut Shank
#7611 Taper 1.0mm 3.9mm 12 Blades Short
#7901 Needle 0.9mm 3.6mm 12 Blades Short
#7903 Needle 1.2mm 3.7mm 12 Blades Short
#7406 Egg 1.4mm 3.1mm 12 Blades Short

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