Diamond Football Burs

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Diamond Football burs are used on glass, all metals, stone, and for light smoothing and shaping in woods. For detailed engraving and carving. Used for contouring and fine shaping in softer materials like wood through egg shell. Also used to carve hard materials like glass and stone and for producing sandblasting and other effects. #23SC is a "Very Fast Cutting" bur with super coarse diamond grit.

Specifications for "Diamond Football Burs"
Model Shape Dia. Len. Shank Grit
#10C Football 1.0mm 3.5mm Short Coarse
#16M Football 1.6mm 4.5mm Short Medium
#16C Football 1.6mm 4.5mm Short Coarse
#23M Football 2.3mm 5.0mm Short Medium
#23C Football 2.3mm 5.0mm Short Coarse
#23SC Football 2.3mm 5.0mm Short Super Coarse