Mini Air Filter & Water Trap

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This combination air filter and water trap removes dirt & debris larger than 5 microns and helps catch condensed water. A must for improving the life of your turbine bearings. For best use, have at least 10 feet of hose between your air compress and this air filter/water trap. This will ensure the air has cooled and the water vapor has condensed where it can be collected by the water trap. Easy to connect. Your air compressor connects to the "IN" port and the Powercarver hose barb connect to the "OUT" port. When water collected is about 1/2 full in the clear bowl, open the release valve to drain the water. Remember to order 2 brass hose barbs to connect your air hose. The hose barbs are 1/4 NPT and push onto 1/8 inch inside diameter hose. *Acutal item photo my vary.