Avalon, Half-Arabian mare unpainted, Large Traditional, LerMond/Tumlinson
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Avalon, Half-Arabian mare unpainted, Large Traditional, LerMond/Tumlinson

$595.00 $495.00


Avalon, a Half-Arabian mare out of Catalina and is the first collaboration between Debbi LerMond and Stacey Tumlinson. Debbi averages about one new sculpture per year. For the year 2020 it is Avalon, affectionately called, “Frankie.” Avalon is the first new sculpture since Elayna. Avalon’s molding process will be completed in July with resin castings to begin shipping in late July early August. As you know, Debbi’s additions always sell out fast! Avalon is a 1 mold run and may be increased to VARA limits. Debbi’s trademark Magne-Click™ is back with included 2½” steel disc bases. Each Avalon is hollowcast cast and has a unique RFID serial number with a “Certificate of Authenticity” signed by Debbi LerMond & Stacey Tumlinson. Avalon is being offered at the pre-cast “backorder” price of $100 off. Avalon is available for purchase now and shipping order is first-come, first served. *Due to extra handling care and packaging precautions, shipping for Avalon is not free.

Please Note: Photos are “Work In Progress.”

No Arbitrage Please: We do not allow the reselling of your Avalon resin before we ship your order.

Avalon’s website: https://Avalon.HorseModels.com

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