Speed Control Foot Pedal

Foot Pedal 1/8-29 npt brass hose barb Hose Splicer
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Vary the speed of your carver hands-free! This variable speed foot control pedal is a must have! It allows you to change the speed seamlessly with an easy to press foot pedal, leaving your hands free to hold the tool and your work simultaneously without interruptions from fumbling with hand controls. From off to full speed and everything in between, you'll be amazed how often you change your carving speed from moment to moment. With just a little change in foot pressure, you can change the speed to carve critically fine details or press down for fast carving. This foot pedal connects into your air hose to control the speed of your carver and comes with two brass hose barbs for easy hook-up. Just push your air hose onto the barbs and you have instant speed control. Your carving tool is off until you apply foot pressure to the pedal. The more you push the pedal, the faster your carver turns. The foot pedal uses an actual control valve connected to a long throw pedal to vary the air flow, unlike other foot pedals that pinch the air hose and can cause leaks and foot fatigue. Once you use a foot pedal like this, you'll wonder how you ever carved without it. This foot pedal is industrial grade and will last a lifetime.

Materials of Construction:

  • Variable Flow design
  • Internal Valve is constructed of a Non-Ferrous body, Stainless steel plunger and Teflon coated buna-N O-rings
  • Air flows when pedal is depressed, stops flowing when pedal is released and exhausts back pressure in the hose
  • Air exhausts around internal plunger
  • Versatility and look good
  • Cast Aluminum Housing, no plastic

Features & Benefits:

  • Nonskid Base Pad
  • Designed for long life operation
  • Back pressure is exhausted for faster carver spindown
  • Pedal can be depressed flush with valve body without damage to valve
  • Standard 1/8-27 N.P.T. input and output ports
  • Line pressure up to 150 psi


  • Two Brass Hose Barbs - 1/8" Barb, 1/8"-27 NPT. Connect to your input and output ports.
  • Brass Hose Splicer to connect air hoses together.