Stencil and Transfer FilmStencil and Transfer Film
Stencil and Transfer Film
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Stencil and Transfer Film

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The stencil film is the secret behind making beautiful artwork. Simply copy the artwork from the internet, magazines, books onto the stencil film with any scanner/printer.

Stencil film has unique self adhesive film can be imaged on laser or ink jet printers. The image can be cut out and applied to most surfaces by peeling off the backing. Use your Vortex F5 to trace the image resulting in a transfer to your artwork.

Stencil film consists of a thin top film made from coated polyester film. The film is extremely tough considering its thinness. The top coating is specially formulated to allow toner and ink from your printer to adhere. You can also draw on the surface with pen or pencil.

Sheet size is 81/2 inches, only 1 mil thick, yet very tough. The film has a clear matte finish with a peel-off adhesive backing. Note: Ink jet users, set your printer to “Draft”, “Fast Print” or “Glossy Photo Paper.”

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