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Ultimate Bur Set for Eggs

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The Ultimate Bur Set for Eggs includes the essential bur types commonly used to carve eggs. We've also added a couple of specialty burs to make certain carving tasks much easier. Whether you're relief carving the three major colors of an Emu egg, carving out delicate filigrees on a quail egg or combining contour shaping and filigree on an Ostrich egg, you'll find this bur set has it all.

You get 8 burs essential for egg carving with 2 specialty burs for making some jobs much easier. Although a kit of 10 burs is nice, what happens if you are in the middle of changing burs and you misplace the bur you need or it gets bent, broken or is completely worn out? Wouldn't be great if you had a spare or 2? Well, we've been listening to you and we're going to give you the 8 essential burs and 2 specialty burs and Triple It. That's right, you get 3 burs of each type for a total 30 burs! But we're not finished yet! To keep you organized so you don't misplace your burs, we're including a gold anodized aluminum bur holder for FREE, a $19.95 value! This shiny, gold anodized aluminum case is sturdy and has a hinged, flip top lid so you won't accidentally lose it. Now, all you have to do is buy some eggs and you will be ready to begin making beautiful works of art!


Specifications for "Ultimate Bur Set for Eggs"
FG699L Tapered Fissure Flat Carbide 0.9mm 4.9mm Cross-Cut Long
FG703 Tapered Fissure Flat Carbide 2.1mm 4.5mm Cross-Cut Short
FG2 Round Round Carbide 1.2mm 1.2mm Plain-Cut Short
FG39 Inverted Cone Flat Carbide 1.8mm 1.8mm Plain-Cut Short
FG33.5 Inverted Cone Flat Carbide 0.6mm 0.6mm Plain-Cut Short
FG1171 Tapered Fissure Flat Carbide 1.2mm 3.7mm Cross-Cut Short
DR09 Round Round Diamond 0.9mm 0.9mm Medium-Grit Short
DFB23SC Football Round Diamond 2.3mm 5.0mm Super-Coarse Short
GSFL2 Flame Round Silicon Carbide 2.8mm 7.6mm Medium-Grit Short
WSFL2 Flame Round Aluminum Oxide 2.8mm 7.6mm Fine-Grit Short

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