Vortex F5 Turbine Bearing Service

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F5 Turbine Bearing Service - Includes new sealed ceramic lube free Radial bearings, pre-load & pressure plate washers, o-rings - Both rear & front flanged bearings are shielded for dust & debris protection.

When you purchase this item, we will send you an invoice with instructions describing how to send the Vortex F5 back to us for a bearing service. When we receive your Vortex F5, it is usually a 1 week trunaround.

Ceramic BearingCeramic Bearings

The Vortex F5 incorporates ABEC rated radial ceramic bearings which are lube free and sealed with phenolic retainers. Radial type bearings used are designed for carving and not drilling. This means the bur is predominantly cutting on the side when you hold the Vortex F5 like a writing pen. This is the correct way to hold the Vortex F5, since the burs are designed for cutting on the side, instead of pressing straight down to drill holes. With sealed bearings, debris is less likely to make its way inside to the actual ball bearings. You never need to add oil or cleaner. In fact, adding oil or cleaner can cause damage to these bearings. Ceramic Bearings are ideal for the Vortex F5. They are superior to common steel bearings in many ways. Ceramic is the perfect material for obtaining higher RPM (faster speed).

Ceramic balls require less lubricant and have a greater hardness than steel balls which will contribute to increased bearing life. Thermal properties of ceramic ball bearings are better than steel resulting in less heat generation at higher speeds.

Ceramic bearing assemblies use ceramic balls but they are constructed with steel inner and outer rings. Ceramic balls weigh up to 40% less than steel balls. This reduces centrifugal loading thus ceramic bearings can operate up to 50% faster than conventional bearings. This means that the outer race groove exerts less force against the ball as the bearing spins, reducing the friction and rolling resistance. The lighter ball allows the bearing to spin faster, and uses less energy to maintain the speed.

By not having to insert burs by pressing them down on a hard surface like other carving tools on the market, radial bearings can be utilized instead of angular bearings. Radial bearings are better suited for carving on the sides, unlike angular bearings which are primarily used for drilling.

Permanently Lubed for Life Turbine Bearings
Within the internal makings of the Vortex F5, there are turbine bearing assemblies which are permanently lubed and never need oiling. Warning: using an in-line mist fog oiler or placing drops of oil or cleaner into the hose may cause damage to the carver and void the warranty.

Radial Bearing Preload
The purpose of preload is to eliminate clearance that is designed into ball bearings. Radial ball bearings are made with a clearance or space between their components to allow for free movement. This space, if not taken up by a preload can allow the rolling elements to slide rather than roll, or even allow for races to misalign.

Preload Bearings

Once the preload is applied per specification, the bearings will yield a long life and precision runout (eccentricity).

  1. A bearing with no play, or an interference fit has all rolling elements loaded, wears and heats up excessively.
  2. A bearing with standard play in the free state has low rigidity, and rolling elements can slide or skid instead of rotating.
  3. A standard bearing with proper preload applied will provide rigidity, reduced vibration, and optimal bearing life.