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Smoothing Solution

An Environmentally Green product designed for smoothing self-hardening synthetic clay, Amazing Smoothing Solution is the perfect “must-have” companion for feathering, texturing, tooling, cleaning sculpting tools and brushes and/or removing stickiness. Use on non-cured synthetic clay to get a glass smooth finish. Tip: When working with self-hardening synthetic clay, apply Amazing Smoothing Solution onto your fingers so the putty will not stick to your fingers. Unlike using water or isopropyl alcohol, Sculptor's Smoothing Solution will not drag when smoothing putty. Non-Flammable, Biodegradable, Environmentally Safe and Friendly. Use water based Amazing Smoothing Solution as a safer alternative to acetone, denatured alcohol, MEK or other commonly used toxic solvents.

Features and Benefits

  • Environmentally Green product.
  • Clear liquid, won't discolor your work!
  • Use for smoothing 2-part epoxy putties.
  • Cleans brushes and sculpting tools.
  • Removes stickiness.
  • Water clean-up.
  • Flip-top cap on larger sizes.
  • 3 Convenient sizes.