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Textile Hardener

Amazing Fa-Brick is Made in America, not imported from Europe!

Customers tell us it works better than Paverpol or Powertex and at a lower cost too!

Amazing Fa-brick is a transparent textile and decoration hardener. Dip nearly any porous natural materials, such as textiles, into Amazing Fa-brick and it will become stiff and rigid when dry. Drape or wrap your fabric around a wire figure, paper mache or other armature to make sculptures from fabric. Dries transparent or add colored pigment powder to give a new look to your sculpture. After your sculpture has dried, you will have a water resistant work of art that can be used indoors as well as outdoors. For outdoor use were direct rain contact or high humidity is likely, it is recommend your sculpture be sealed with Lacquer. Amazing Fa-brick is a water based polymer is easy to clean up with water. Will not adhere to plastic. Ready to use from the container. Amazing Fa-brick Fabric Hardener come in a verity of sizes from 8 fl.oz.(~250ml) to 5 gallons (~19 liters). Winter Shipping: Unlike other fabric hardeners, Amazing Fa-brick has been formulated to be freeze/thaw stable. So you can order Amazing Fa-brick anytime, even in the dead of Winter!