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Refurbished Vortex F5 Carver

We have a limited number of refurbished Vortex F5 carvers. Comes with a newly installed nosecone and turbine, standard power manifold, 2 feet of Tygon air hose. No cutting burs are included, but you can add the Essential Accessories Kit above. Requires a minimum 1 horsepower air compressor to run this carver. 1 year warranty.

Vortex F5

Want to carver better? 

Need finer details in your carvings? 

Here's how you can do it. First, you need to get away from carvers with electric motors and switch to a carver powered by air. Switching to air give you about 10 times the RPM over electric motor carvers. Second, use precision burs and cutters designed for ultra high speed - we're talking 400,000 to 500,000 RPM! Now you know what's needed, you'll want a tool designed specifically for carving. The Vortex F5 ultra high speed precision detail carver is the tool for you. How so? What about the other tools on the market? Why is the Vortex the best tool to get?

Which Carver Do I Want?
Powercarver, PowerCarver, Shofu Lab Air-Z, PowerCrafter, NSK Presto, Vortex, Turbo Carver

Prove to me the Vortex is the best!

The Vortex carver design was started to solve the problems with existing carving tools. Since the SculptingStudio was a dealer for Turbo Carver, PowerCrafter and SCM Powercarver, and we used other tools like the Shofu Lab Air-Z, NSK Presto and NEY Huricane, we knew what worked, what didn't and where improvements needed to be made. In the year 2000, we started carrying the plastic tool called "Turbo Carver" but we soon discontinued it and switched to an all metal tool call the PowerCrafter. It worked fine for a tool requiring oiling every 20 minutes. A short time later, the PowerCrafter company ceased operations. Looking for another all metal carver, we started carrying the SCM carver, but is used a turbine like a NEY Huricane lab tool. Up until this time, all the carvers were either based off of dental lab tools or were actual dental lab tools. What was needed was a tool designed not for the dental lab, but rather the bench of a carver. So the Vortex was born in 2010 as a design by an artist for artists and carvers.

Vortex Carver, First Sketch

Original Vortex Sketch

As you can see above, it was very crude and still had a long ways to go. The Vortex carver had to solve the problems with existing tools to become the lightest, fastest, all metal carver on the market.

No! Do Not Want

  • No! Heavy And Long
  • No! Plastic Components
  • No! Plunger To Eject Bur
  • No! Press Down Hard To Insert Bur
  • No! Side Connection To Air Hose
  • No! Affected By Moisture
  • No! Proprietary/Hard To Replace Turbine
  • No! Steel Bearings
  • No! Oil Needed To Lube The Bearings
  • No! Friction Grip Spindle
  • No! Cold Air Exhausting In Housing
  • No! Foreign Made

YES, Want All Of These

  • Yes, Light, Short And Ergonomic
  • Yes, All Metal Components
  • Yes, Easy Twist To Eject Bur
  • Yes, Easy Twist To Insert Bur
  • Yes, Air Hose Connects Straight In
  • Yes, Anodized MIL-A-8625 - Impervious To Moisture
  • Yes, Uses OEM Turbine, Easy To Find
  • Yes, Ceramic Shielded Lube Free Bearings
  • Yes, Bearings Are Grease Packed Lube Free
  • Yes, Autochuck Pushbutton Spindle
  • Yes, Air Exhausts Straight Forward
  • Yes, USA Made

Machine Shop Shopping

When the PowerCrafter company ceased operations, we began our machine shop search in earnest.  The first shop we found said they could design and produce our Vortex to our specifications. After about of year of no progress, we pulled the project and found another machine shop. Want to know what happened? Exactly nothing after another year and a half! Next, we interviewed three more shops, one of which specialized in small parts on their numerous Swiss lathes and an in house design engineer said he could design our Vortex. After a tour of their facility showing their work and the ability to do what we wanted, we hired them. After slow progress we finally got a Vortex carver. We called it the Vortex XJ7. 

Ta-Da!  First Vortex called the "XJ7"

Vortex 3rd prototype






The machine shop we finally settled on came up with several prototypes. After the first initial failure, they built a few more prototypes, but failed to listen to us when each prototype could not meet our expectations. They didn't communicate well and failed to produced anything within a reasonable amount of time. The Vortex XJ7's produced didn't come close to meeting our requirements. It was slow and lacked power; had a bulky nosecone; had a plunger; still had the side air hose connection (that leaked because of poor welding); had a chunk of machined plastic inside to duct the air to the nosecone and too many proprietary parts to be able to produce in a timely fashion. They did manage to produce a handful of tools in 3½ years but we could see that they would never be able to fill the demand for a great tool. So in the end, we fired them and began our search for a new machine shop.

Success! ISO 9001 QMS

We learned a lot about machine shops, mechanical design engineering and ISO 9001 Quality Management System. Our next search struck gold when we found an ISO 9001 machine shop and design engineer certified for machining products in the fields of Medical, Aerospace and Technology Industries. We created a team and had our entire Vortex redesigned to our requirements in SolidWorks, a solid modeling computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) computer program. Before a single part was machined, the Vortex design was computer simulated using structural analysis tools that use Finite Element Analysis methods to predict real-world physical behavior. Here is a photo of the actual SolidWorks model and closeup of the nosecone:

Vortex F5 SolidWorks Model

Close-up of the Vortex F5 Nosecone

Now We're Talking!

  • No plunger or side air hose to get in the way
  • No proprietary turbine
  • No plastic air ducting
  • All metal, yet it weighs in at 1.8 ounces. 
  • Feels nice in the hand, Ergonomic! 
  • Bur release cam-system

How cool is this! Twist the stainless steel rear cap a quarter turn to open or close the autochuck. We finally had a real design! Wow, what a ride so far! Now for the real test. Machining a real tool and see if it really will work.


First prototype being tested at the machine shop.

Here We Go.  First Production Run!

First production run of Vortex F5 carvers ready for turbines.

Tried and Tested

We've produced many machine runs of thousands of Vortex F5 carvers. Our latest version includes the Vortex F5 and Vortex F5+ Plus. Click the tabs above for more information about our Vortex F5 carver. Give us a call if you have any questions.
Vortex F5+ Plus

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Vortex F5 - Changing The Bur

Vortex F5 Weight

Weights were measured using an Acculab V-3000 laboratory scale with a readability of 1 gram.
Weight of the Vortex F5 is 52 grams or 1.8 ounces.

Vortex F5 - Blowing Dust

Vortex F5 - Glass

Vortex F5 - Jade

Vortex F5 - Turquoise

Vortex F5 - Conch Shell

Vortex F5 - Quartz

Vortex F5 - Petrified Wood

Vortex F5 - Damascus Steel

Vortex F5 - 6061-T6 Aluminum

Vortex F5 - Bronze

Vortex F5 - Resin

Vortex F5 Test Carving

Vortex F5 Prototype carving on gourd, exotic hardwood, antler and shells with no dust.
The turbine used had non-sealed steel bearings used for testing tolerances.
We clocked the Vortex F5 at 430,000 RPM at 40 PSI for this video test.